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What is TACFIT?

TACFIT is Fun Short high-intensity FUNCTIONAL workouts that are carefully designed to improve your strength, endurance, mobility and recovery whilst promoting weight loss and build functional muscle fast!

It is a health-first program to help you move in functional patterns that are immediately transferrable to a range of recreational sports and pursuits – martial arts, rock climbing, gymnastics, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, dancing, obstacle course racing, rugby, hiking, trail running…whatever your sport.

TACFIT uses functional old-school classics such as clubbells, kettlebells, monkey bars, gymnastic rings and suspension straps, sandbags, parallel bars, medicine and slam balls, and the oldest school of them all – human movement often called calisthenics or bodyweight conditioning.

TACFIT is the World’s Smartest Workout according to the biggest fitness publication in the world, Men’s Health.

TACFIT uses a carefully programmed exercise regimen to make you “More Prepared Than the Challenges You Face” – no matter what those are.

Startling, credible and motivating results | The shortest most effective training | Functional strength and mobility | Optimal injury prevention

A tactical approach will change your outcomes

Results are aligned to Effort. But the fitness industry has a problem; it encourages spew-inducing, high-intensity Effort with poor form…for Results.
The Results of this style of Effort are short term. Injury rates from other functional training forms such as Crossfit and other methods are alarmingly high.
Thai Fitness & TACFIT focus on Competent functional Effort for Surprising Results.
We know that lasting Results comes from Perfect Effort, with Less Effort.
Our methods debunk the More is Better syndrome. Only Better is Better.


How does being tactical create a new You?

Thai Fitness’s unique competency functional chain will build you up step by step.
We’ve seen how tempting it is for people to start at the hardest version of every exercise.
We’ve seen industry trends encourage this and degrade people over time as they aren’t adequately prepared for correct functional movement patterns. Misguided notions like No Pain No Gain create ‘niggles’. Niggles are acute micro tears, which become chronic. Left uncorrected will require in surgery. All for a moment’s WOD board glory.
Our tactical training methods take your training level into account. Each exercise has a ‘regression’ that instructors will assign to be used before your technique fails. This ensures that you can continue the appropriate intensity levels without injury.
‘Progressions’ are used as your performance progresses, providing more challenging versions of an exercise to keep you motivated towards self-mastery.
This formula for Regressions and Progressions helps build your experience to tolerate stress yet regain complex and fine motor skills quickly.
These training tactics are systematically proven to instil Resilience (recovery from failure) and Toughness (resistance to failure) during class, and elsewhere in Life.
Tactical fitness is designed for field operatives who require elite fitness with rapid recovery and no down time due to injury.
But you don’t need to be in the special forces to do TACFIT.
You need more than just being thrashed with a random WOD to ultimately improve your skills and functional performance.
You need a tactical program that has a specific training method to achieve elite fitness, while remaining injury-free.
You need to be tactical to be “First In, Last Standing,” every time.

What can you expect in a TACFIT session?

The TACFIT 26 series of workouts take you from Alpha to Zulu, with four levels of difficulty. The four levels of difficulty ensures a scalable progression and regression as required. Level 1 TACFIT exercises are doable by anyone and provide a very decent challenge. Level 4 is very, very tough and requires a sustained commitment and dedication to the movement patterns, personal strength and endurance. There are six TACFIT protocols applied to the Alpha-Zula TACFIT 26 series, including Tabata, [4/1]4, EMOTM, AMRAP, [90/30×5] 2, and For Time with Technique.

Efficient and Effective workouts

Most TACFIT workouts are around 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes of mobility and restoration, and 10 minutes of compensation to disperse the tension.
This is how the fittest special forces operatives and government agents train: Smart. Less is more. Beyond 20 minutes starts hurting your growth potential and exposes you to injuries that niggle until they completely debilitate you.
Sports science shows that freedom of movement sets up an “anabolic window”.
Twenty minutes is not only what you need; it’s all you need!

What does TACFIT do for you?

Stress relieve and anti-agingTACFIT founder and Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer Scott Sonnon: TACFIT – as the first high intensity stress recovery system – reduces cortisol (the “stress” hormone). Cortisol and DHEA (your “anti-aging” hormone) directly compete for the same building blocks. A fitness system designed to rapidly recover from exercise stress, reduces your overall stress, which reduces your cortisol levels, which increases your body’s ability to produce DHEA, your anti-aging agent. Age, but stop growing old. You don’t stop TACFIT because you’re growing old. You grow old because you stop TACFIT.

Build Functional muscle fastFor those looking to build Muscle then TACFIT is a legit training plan to help you get bigger without gaining fat. This program is suitable for both men and women. Women who may not be interested in getting super big, but rest-assured building functional muscle will help you in all aspects of life.

Weight LossTACFIT will kick-start your metabolism using functional movements. It goes beyond helping you lose weight. Its main objective is to enhance an individual’s physical flexibility, strength, speed, and toughness.

TACFIT for Martial Arts.

TACFIT is a specialised Fitness and conditioning system for Martial Arts.

Calling Jui-Jitsu practitioners, Muay Thai, MMA Fighters and other Martial Artists ! TACFIT is a Fitness system for Martial Artists that will improve your performance in everyway possible!

A typical TACFIT session includes:

Learn to move like never before. | Recover quicker. | Think clearly at High Intensity. | Develop Real world strength and endurance. | Build usable Martial Arts specific Muscle, endurance and agility. | Improve your Martial arts specific Coordination. | Mobility Drills specific to Martial arts.Compensation Drill specific to Martial arts. | Weight training, Clubbell and Kettlebell Fitness and strength training specific for Martial arts to improve striking power, speed and Coordination.

TACFIT: A metabolic conditioning program created by Coach Scott Sonnon ( 5 x world Martial Arts champion) . Law Enforcement Agencies, Martial Artists, MMA Fighters, and Elite Military Units around the world have been utilizing TACFIT programs to enhance occupational performance for many years.